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Fiduciary Litigation Area of Practice at Watson Spence, LLP

Our approach to litigation involving fiduciaries is cutting edge. Our team has decades of experience in representing beneficiaries, shareholders, officers, directors, executors, and trustees in virtually every conceivable factual situation. Put simply, we know and understand the issues important to family businesses or high net worth individuals seeking a plan for the future. We know that the increase in family trusts and generational complexities of closely held family businesses create situations that warrant “custom-fit” legal solutions.

We understand the law, but more importantly, we understand the practical solutions that will work to avoid protracted litigation if possible. We believe we can add value by first pursuing these practical solutions derived from past experiences and outcomes. Individual or corporate trustees face evolving standards. Our firm has been at the table when the Trust Code was revised. We have been in the trenches with clients seeking to know their obligations as a fiduciary or those seeking to enforce their rights as a beneficiary, heir or shareholder.

Our firm has been closing real estate transactions and creating estate plans for individuals, family corporations, and agribusinesses throughout the past six decades. We can leverage the knowledge and experience of our firm’s estate planning, tax, and real estate teams to bring common sense solutions to what may seem to be complex corporate, estate or trust disputes. We understand the disputes that arise in the context of family farming operations, timberland investments, and other companies seeking to plan for future generations of ownership. We regularly advise clients involved in family trust litigation, estate related litigation, corporate shareholder disputes and other related matters involving fiduciaries.

Our goal is to minimize the burden of litigation on individuals and family businesses or estates. When litigation is necessary, we bring a team of experienced attorneys to the table. We have invested in technology and can efficiently advise our clients in a wide array of fiduciary related disputes or concerns. We believe our experience and custom approach to these disputes is unmatched.