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Catastrophic Injury Litigation Area of Practice at Watson Spence, LLP

At Watson Spence, LLP our lawyers represent clients throughout Georgia in cases involving personal injuries and wrongful death. Over the years, we have leveraged our experience in personal injury matters to bring a unique perspective to these claims. Our trial attorneys take on matters with a goal of providing individualized representation to clients during difficult circumstances.

Every client and case presents unique and distinct challenges. From past experience and success, we recognize this reality. We pride ourselves on providing a customized approach tailored to each client’s circumstances. We prepare as if every case is going to trial and involve our clients in each critical step along the way.

Our common sense, customized approach is what sets us apart from typical personal injury law firms. We often work with expert law enforcement officers, physicians, accident reconstruction experts, rehabilitation planners, and other specialists who assist in presenting the best claims. We understand the importance of preserving key evidence. That is precisely why we work quickly to interview witnesses and demand that those holding critical evidence, preserve it.

At Watson Spence, LLP, our trial attorneys know the law and stay on top of new developments. In turn, we share this knowledge with our clients so that they can fully understand what lies ahead. We’ve built a strong reputation for being prepared and winning cases for our clients. Our customized approach and track record of success are assets for our clients.

Even after a settlement or verdict, a client’s personal injury case does not simply end. Often there are outstanding medical bills, liens, and claims for reimbursement that come from medical providers or health insurance companies. We know the law and fight hard for our clients so that their recoveries are not unjustly reduced by these claims.

We encourage you to contact Watson Spence LLP if you have any questions concerning potential personal injury claims for you or your loved ones.