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Watson Spence partners, Alfreda Sheppard and Louis Hatcher, have obtained what is reported to be the largest employment law settlement ever paid in a Lee County case by ACCG, the county's insurer. Remarkably, the $225,000 settlement on behalf of Mike Sistrunk was obtained prior to a lawsuit being filed. Ms. Sheppard and Mr. Hatcher jointly noted:
"We have been privileged to represent Mr. Sistrunk, who was the victim of libelous remarks made by a Lee County commissioner following Mr. Sistrunk turning in his resignation letter pointing out maltreatment of Lee County employees. Government officials should be mature enough to welcome constructive criticisms, and the citizens of our area should not have to fear retaliation from those who are public servants, especially in the form of false allegations designed to hurt public employees and the employees' families. We are thankful that while we primarily represent employers with respect to employment law issues, our firm fully supports our representation of individuals who might not otherwise be able to seek redress with respect to legal violations by powerful, vindictive employers."