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Watson Spence LLP Partner, Louis Hatcher, attended last night the final meeting of his 16-plus years of service on the Lee County Board of Education. Louis had lived in Lee County only three years when he was approached about running for the office. “I prayed about it and determined that the children of Lee County should have an advocate who would neither be intimidated in protecting their interests, nor timid in pushing for those things that would help them be successful in their academic pursuits and all other school-related activities. I also determined that, with God’s help, I would always try to do what I thought best for the children of Lee County and the educational system that exists to serve those children, regardless of any political fallout or criticisms. I believe I have honored those commitments. I believe also that my constituents, whether or not always in agreement with my individual decisions, knew that my heart was in the right place and that I represented their values and loved their children, and thus they allowed me to serve them for four consecutive terms.”

Dr. Jason Miller, Superintendent of the Lee County School System, spoke highly of Louis’ service on the Board: “For 16 years, Louis has been a strong voice for doing what is best for students. He is a man who makes clear where he stands but balances strong convictions with great compassion. He genuinely cares for our students, staff, and community. This is why he has been so vital in bringing about the great success that we enjoy in arts, athletics, and most importantly, academics. His legacy will endure in countless lives impacted through the indelible mark made by his vision, leadership, and service.”

Louis had mixed emotions about stepping down from the Board instead of running for a fifth term. “Due to my responsibilities at work, church and community service activities, and family obligations, I’ve been wearing out. I was close to not running for my current term, but there were things I believed we needed to provide for the children of Lee County, including additions to the high school drama facilities, tennis courts, a track, and a multi-purpose building to serve our special needs children, cheerleading, athletics, and to provide additional classrooms. We have been able to do those things during this term, so I believed it to be the right time to step down and welcome new leadership to the Board.”

Louis considers the many years of service to have been a privilege. “Being a part of the Lee County Board of Education has given me an opportunity to serve the Lord by way of loving and serving the children of Lee County. My fellow Board members have shared that belief, and have been the most competent, caring, and professional public officers with whom anyone could hope to serve. Serving on the Board in Lee County has been a pleasure, because we have highly talented, dedicated teachers who love the children, gifted administrators who love the staff, and strong, wise leadership in the Central Office. I will miss my role as a Board member, but will continue to actively support the Lee County School System and be available to help in any way the system leadership may desire.”